Donations for Fund Raising Auctions

When looking for donations for your next fund raiser, consignments have no place in a fund raiser auction, as there should not be any minimums or reserves. You can't make money if an item doesn't reach the minimum and you may only be wasting time, when you could be selling something else that would add revenue to the bottom line.

Remember... Merchandise should be clean and preferably new. The exception to this would items such as antiques, highly sought collectibles or very unique items.

Below are suggestions to consider, as well as items you do not want to accept. While some of these ideas may seem obvious, you will often find something you did not think about or it sparks a new idea.

Suppliers/Vendors to Organization Wholesale & Retail Stores Department Stores
Antique Dealers Art Dealers Artists
Writers Sculptors Photographers
Gift Shops Craft Shops Decorators
Florists Fabric Shops Clothing Shops (Men & Women)
Furniture Stores Jewelry Stores Office Supply Stores
Shoe Stores Grocery Stores Drug Stores
Stamp & Coin Dealers Hobby Shops Bicycle Dealers
Sporting Goods Gun Shops Boat Dealers
Book Shops Theaters Amusement Centers
Automobile Agencies Car Wash & Polishers Gas Stations
Auto Repair Shops Oil Change Dealers Tire Dealers
Brake Services Beauty Salons Nail Salons
Bakeries Caterers Delicatessens
Restaurants Pizzerias Beverage Dealers (Soda, Beer, Wine & Liquor)
Hardware Stores Paint Stores Building Materials (Retail & Wholesale)
Electric Suppliers Plumbers Floor Covering (Carpets, Linoleum, Rugs, Tile)
Exterminators Feed Stores Septic Cleaners
Landscape Contractors Laundry/Cleaners/Diaper Services Maid & House Cleaning Services
Nursery Schools School Scholarships Tutoring
Driving Schools Dancing Schools Music Stores (Lessons, Instruments)
Dog Trainers Kennels Veterinarians
Sports Clubs Golf Supply Shops Golf Courses (Driving Ranges, Instruction)
Banks Hotels (Weekends, Dinners) Member Services (Health Spas, Tanning Salons)
Newspapers (Advertising, Press Releases) YMCA/YWCA Boy & Girl Scouts (projects, yardwork, wash cars/house)
Airlines Local Pilots (Private Services, Flying Lessons) Radio Stations (Air-Time, Co-DJ)
Accountants Attorneys Opticians
Doctors Dentists Hearing Aid Stores
Celebrities, Movie, Radio, Television, Politicians, Senators, Congressmen (dinner, appearance on a show, etc.)

The list is endless... if you have any more ideas, feel free to send them to us, so that we may share them with others.

In fact, we have now included MORE IDEAS!

DON'T Accept:
Used Appliances Overstuffed Furniture Used Mattresses
Attic Clean-outs Venetian Blinds Used Tires
Old Stereos Console TVs Beanie Babies, etc.
In other words, you don'Donation Ideast want junk that people just want to get rid of.
Keep in mind, "old" does not make something valuable or antique.
Ask yourself these two questions, "Is it out-dated?" and "Would I take this into my home?"

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