Auctions for Charity & Benefit Fund Raising

1. You use our name, Texas-National Auctioneers, with James Ford, Guest Auctioneer, TX License 12478, in all of your publicity and advertisements. As required by Texas law, minimum requirements mandate the auctioneer's name & license number in all forms of advertising.
2. If a P.A. system is not available at the facility, we need to know so that we can bring one and get set-up in plenty of time before the auction.
3. Once the auction commences, the auctioneer is in full command.

1. A list of the merchandise be provided several days before the auction. This list should contain information of the person or company who donated the merchandise and a brief description of the items. If possible, the value of the items should also be included.
2. That the auction be started at time announced.
3. Do not ask us to sell items that have been consigned or items that have been donated with a request that they be sold only if a minimum (reserve) price is obtained. All items should be donated without restrictions and deemed as property of the organization (items may be bought to be sold, but this is NOT recommended, as they could be sold at a loss to the organization).

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Texas-National Auctioneers is able to handle the complete sale from start to finish, whether it is fund raising for charity and benefits or specialized auctions, from general merchandise, antiques and collectibles to entire estates and businesses.

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