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Sending & Receiving Email From Texas-National Auctioneers

Important Information Concerning Spam Blocking

Spam control software features are designed to block "junk" email or email from unknown or unwanted senders.  However, these blocking techniques may also cause the unintended consequence of blocking messages that you really want to receive.

To help insure that our emails get through spam filters, please add our email address to your Address Book and any "WhiteList" that may be used by your email client and Anti-Spam or Anti-Virus programs.

You may not receive our e-mail reply to your inquiry if:

  • Your internet service provider offers a Spam blocking feature that requires the sender (i.e. to first respond to a return email in order to be added to a "white list" or approved sender list

  • You have purchased software for your personal computer that requires the sender (i.e. to first respond to a return email in order to be added to an approved sender list

  • You have manually created an approved sender list

  • If you use software that looks at the subject line of the message, you may not receive a reply or our auction notices, since the subject line may change each time we send a message.

  • Other Spam blocking techniques employed by you or your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Taking the following steps will decrease the possibility that our reply to your inquiry will be blocked:

  1. Add our following URL's (website address) to your "approved sender" or "white list"   (note the "hyphen" mark in the URL)

    While most of our emails are sent from the server, Yahoo Email or other email servers may be used in case of server outages.

  2. Add the following email addresses to your "approved sender" or "white list": (note the "hyphen" mark in the URL)
    Note: All email addresses are lower case.

    • Please do not attempt to correspond directly with the Texas-National Auctioneers using the above email addresses. These are only used to send email notices and are not monitored.
    • Any email sent to the above email addresses are automatically sent to the trash bin. These are methods we are having to use to reduce spam in our email boxes.
    • In additon to the above email addresses, you may also receive emails from us utilizing other email addresses, however they will originate from the same email servers (i.e.
    • Please use the Contact Form web interface to contact us.

  3. If you do not receive a reply or you are not receiving our auction notices, you may want to check your "Spam", "Junk" or "Bulk" email folders.

If you sign up for our Auction Email List, you will soon be added to our list and should start receiving notices on a weekly basis.
For all other correspondence, please allow at least 24 hours for a reply.

If you are using AOL, Yahoo, MSN or other services which provide a "Spam" button, please do not send our emails to the "spam" folder, as this may cause others to miss emails that they wish to receive.

If you no longer wish to receive Auction Email Notices from us, please click the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the Email Newsletter or use the Contact Form form to "Unsubscribe" and you will be removed within 24-48 hours.

Upon sending us an email through our Contact or Email List forms, you will receive an automated response as a result of you or someone using your email address completing these forms on our website.

If YOU did not complete the Contact or "Add to Email List" form at our website, it means that someone else has used your email address. If this is the case, please use the Contact Form and let us know, so that we can promptly correct our records to insure that you are not receiving unauthorized emails from us.

Texas-National Auctioneers will continue to work to find solutions to the problem created by the proliferation of Spam email. However, there is no immediate solution that will address the wide variety of Spam blocking techniques currently being used, so we ask for your patience and assistance.

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