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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

  • Pursuant to Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code, Storage Choice will hold a public auction of property being sold to satisfy a landlord’s lien at the following locations shown below.
  • First auction starts at 10:00 AM and will continue site by site in the order shown below, until all units have been sold.
  • Locations listed are possible stops only, subject to available units on day of sale.
  • Number of units shown are subject to tenant paying their debt and if any location does not have units for auction, they will be skipped.
  • All auctions are CASH ONLY sales
  • $100 Cleaning Deposit required at each location
  • No one under the age of 18 allowed to attend the auction.

10:00 AM
Property #8076 - 32 Units
4013 Sprayberry   Map
Conroe, TX 77303
A134 Carina Vanslochteren - household items
B231 Carolyn Soley - household items
B232 Rose Bellido - Military Uniforms, Furniture, Misc.
B235 Jacqueline Croomes - Household Items
B237 Justin Miller - Totes and boxes, 32 in flat screen t.v., desk, a 2nd t.v., recliner, fridge, queen bed set, dresser, bookcases, books, clothes, Xbox 360, Wii U, 4 nights stands
B260 Steven Montgomery - household items
B280 Paul Hill - Couches, TV
B339 Sharon Demmings - household items
B404 Josh Hermes - household furniture and items
B420 Michael Bowden - Household items
C508 Matasha Tearry - Bedroom set, clothing, table
C511 Lauretta Bradford - Refrigerator, beds, totes
C533 Irma Benton - household items
C538 Teresa Weinzettle - household items
C546 Donna Price - household items
C606 Kimberly Lilly -household items
C609 Stephanie Ray - Household Items
C619 Antron Adkison - Tools
C627 Glenn Rogers - household good
C673 Jennifer Gilliam - household items
C679 Veronica Garcia - household items
C683 Sandra Massingill - household items, personal items
D704 Carol Henning - household goods
D736 Gladys Hill - household items
D743 Candace Williams - totes/boxes
D749 Dominic Franco - Household items, living room set computer desk, dresser
D756 Douglas Mallonee - filters water, absorbent
D758 Barbie Russo - 3 bedroom household items
D819 Brandon Burns - household items, furniture
D835 Gerald Perkins Jr - household items
E901 Christina Smith -households
E903 Ozell Sanders - Household Goods

Property #1647 - 3 Units
12190 West Branch Crossing   Map
The Woodlands, TX 77382
552 Robert Marshall - Household Goods
940 Viviana Flores - Household
993 Frank Snortheim - Household Goods, Documents

Property #0306 - 17 Units
25690 I-45 N   Map
Spring, TX 77386
1038 Rory Perkins - Furniture, household
1111 Staci Leikam - Household
1121 Craig Wolff - Personal items
2029 Devin Walton - Household goods
2031 Aree Loa - Household, furniture
2039 Aree Loa -Household
2042 Trena Killingsworth - Household furnishings/goods
3002 Trena Killingsworth - Household goods
3066 Mike Waltos -Household
4023 Dettrick Gordwin - Household goods
4058 Felicia Hicks - Household
4103 Donna Ferguson - Household Goods
4163 Kevin Wade - Household items, Bed, Chairs, Small table, Boxes
4170 Nicol Brabson - Home and personal items
4208 Felicia Hicks - Household Items
3033 Melissa Mathieu - Household
6191 Staci Flores - Two beds and dressers

Property #8246 - 24 Units
5603 Treaschwig Road   Map
Spring, TX 77373
18 Rory McKinnon - Household
94 Lizbeth Camacho - Household
310 Angela Olubayo-Alana - Boxes, outdoor furniture, garage items
322 Virgil Colvin - household goods, furniture, boxes, clothing, shoes
327 Vanessa Dominquez - Household Goods
517 Tanisha Young - Couches, Chair, table, boxes
525 Robert Holmes - Bedrooms Washer dryer fridge
552 Angella D Raughn - Barber supplies, Paper work
603 Bianca Taylor - Bedroom set, table, chairs, sectional couch
625 Irene Owusu - Garage Goods/ Household
904 Robbie Singleton - Household
907 David Rios - Household
924 Charles Kendrick - Tubs, boxes, mower
927 Mary Edwards - Boxes, households goods
934 Charlynne Kellner - Bedroom house, furniture, boxes, kitchen stuff
938 Rhonda Kennedy - Household Items
950 Veronica Sanders - Beds, 3 sofa sets, 2 dining rooms
951 Chad Smith - Tool Bench, bedcover, household item
959 Undra Chambers - 2003 Oldsmobile and couch
968 Juan Cardenas - Household
975 Jennifer Yoshida - Couch, bed, dining table, chairs tv
1026 Yvetta Smith - Household Goods
1028 Clarie Skero - Household
1091 Chad Smith - Household Items

Property #8541 - 1 Unit
16900 W. Lake Houston Pkwy   Map
Humble, TX 77346
A115 Michelle Irving - Grill, dresser, 2 refrigerators, garden tools, couch, table

Terms & Conditions for Storage Lien Auctions
  1. Bidders must be of legal age (over eighteen) to bid.
    NO ONE under the age of eighteen (18) will be admitted to the auction under any circumstances.
  2. Payment is CASH ONLY. No checks or credit cards will be accepted under any circumstances and No time will be allotted for securing funds from ATM machines. Payment must be made immediately upon conclusion of the auction once the last unit is sold at each location. No unit may be entered and no merchandise may be removed from any unit prior to payment.
  3. Sales Tax will be collected on each unit, unless you provide a current Tax Resale Certificate at each auction location.
  4. A Cleaning Deposit of $100.00 is required for each location.
  5. The contents of the units are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" and without any warrantee or guarantee expressed or implied and All Sales Are Final without recourse.
  6. Bidders may view items ONLY from the doorway of the unit.
    You may not touch or handle any of the items.
    You may not step inside the door.
    What you see from the doorway is what you will be bidding on, unless otherwise noted.
  7. Successful bidders immediately become the new owners of the contents of the unit they have purchased. As such, they are the only persons authorized facility access, and then only for the purpose of entering those specific units. The successful bidder is solely responsible for removal of the contents of any and all units coming into their possession by way of the auction.
  8. Successful bidders may NOT resell the contents of a unit on-site to a third party.
  9. Successful bidders are to place their own locks on doors to the units they purchase. Do not ask the facility management to put a lock on a unit for you.
  10. Units must be completely emptied and all items removed within 24 hours or unit may be rented.
  11. Units must be broom swept clean.
  12. You may NOT use the on-site dumpster.
  13. Personal items are to be left with the facility manager. Personal items include, but not limited to: tax records, birth certificates, death certificates, photographs, photograph albums, diplomas, anything with a Social Security Number, credit cards, bank statements/checks and other similar items.
  14. Persons attending the auction and/or during the removal of goods from the premises assume all risks of damage of or loss to person(s) and/or property and specifically release and hold harmless the Auction Company, Auctioneer, Auction Staff and its Principal from liability or other recourse, therefore neither the Auctioneer, Auction Company, nor its Principal shall be liable by reason of any defect in or condition of the premises on which the sale is held.
  15. The Auctioneer, at all times, reserves the right to:
    (a) Revoke the bidding privileges of any bidder and/or;
    (b) Refuse a bid that is merely a fractional advance of the preceding bid and/or;
    (c) Cancel the sale at any time prior to the call of "SOLD"
  16. Photography and video recordings are not permitted on Extra Space Storage property without the written consent of Extra Space Management, Inc.
  17. Auctioneer reserves the right to record by voice and/or video recording device, each auction for verification of the conduct of the sale, unit price or any other purpose.
  18. Announcements made day of sale supersede any and all other announcements and information. Terms are subject to change without notice.
  19. Locations listed are possible locations for that day. As tenants may pay their bill prior to sale, any location may be subject to cancellation. Therefore, all times are approximate and the order of the auction list is subject to change without prior notice.
  20. Persons attending the auctions agree to abide to the terms listed above and/or any other terms that may apply at each auction. Failure to abide by such terms can result in being removed from the auction and/or banned from any future auctions conducted by the Auctioneer, the facility, or any combination thereof.

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